Sunday, December 6, 2009


My opinions aren't that bitter
A son said to his dad.
Patience applied over your conclusions
Will make it sweeter as to where I stand
But you sneek in the quick sand
And revel in my decline
The moment I was conceived
Is when your forethought cemented in mind
So, It seems it has always been
Of those with less worry for wear
Could not possibly have a breath
Worthy of your ear to bear
I say these last few words
As I clentch a hope in mind
That part of what I speak
Will find its way to you in time
"The make up of who you are not
Is pulled by who you are to be
And with a bit of momentum
Your acceptance may finally see
I am who I am
I am who I think up to be
Every part of who I am
Changes with the hate you push in me
So as the day now closes
And the night relinquishes too
I will no longer be drawn down
By the dissappointments projected from you"

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hoping for More

How can the day
Give you
When you wake up thinking
"I do not want!"
How can the night
Replenish your 
When you fall asleep 
"Why couldn't the day have..?"
Both night and day
Work with such a palette
Painting your picture
With black
     and white
Giving you
What you wished for,

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thank you
You are more than I know
More than you know
And one day
Maybe tomorrow
You will smile
Seeing that I am right
What I have known
All along
What you have been
All along

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Beggar

As it so often does happen
         The day forced its way
Onto the beggar
         Enriching his pay
He asked not of the sun
         How much he may keep
Yet he threatened its life
         As it retreated to leave:
“How dare you tempt us
With the beauty of light
Then forgo us this privilege
As you relinquish to night”
The sun continued its smile
         Onto the face of his shame
Knowing that not man
         But ignorance is to blame
The sun drenched Earth
         With its much needed rest
Bowed to the sun
         For doing its best
The beggar, the fool,
         Screamed out at its withdrawal
Claiming the sun a coward
         As it welcomed its own fall

As day said good night
         The sun added a plea:
“Make peace with the night
         For clarity to ring”
The sun knows that darkness
         Saves man by binding his will
Of living through a gilded sense        
         Of a visional thrill
The beggar so deaf
         And orally blind
Heard nothing of the sun
         As night took hold of his mind
Soon the earth began its rest
         The wind took its own lead
And began to fill the night’s silence
         With healing whispers of need
Birds calm in nests
         Trusting trees to hold them tight
Butterflies wings rest
         In the stillness of night
The grass of the earth
         Swayed to the beat
Emanating renewal
         Beneath the beggars abandoned feet
The wind encircled his thoughts
         And carried them free
Allowing the beggar
         To feel without need
His body let go
         On the hold within itself
His senses flew beyond
         His skeptical shelf
As silence drenched
         His once polluted mind
He began to feel with purity
         For the very first time

So the beggar has learned
         Or noted at best
The mind should be given
         A much needed rest
For although light spills its beauty
         It can also flood the mind
With polluted perceptions
         Of an ignorant mind        
He vowed to walk in light
         Closing his windows of deceit
And reclaim his adventure
         Befriending his once neglected feet
He began to walk the Earth
         Never asking for more
Using his mind less
         And never again feeling poor


Monday, August 31, 2009

Under and Over

Is overstated
If I am below someone
They are overshadowing me
I begin to underestimate
My ability to oversee
Their understatements
But if I undertake
This task
With the objective
Of an overview
I may see
That they are
And Therefore I now

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lightly Pressed

A muddled walk
From tainted talk
My head is controlling my step
Body knows
How mind slows
The reluctant reach of the heart
All that is seen
Is nothing that has been
When mind steps to the front of each attempt
Bind the fury
Dismiss the jury
Release the body’s intention to lead
Flow in step
With mind inept
Movement will besiege
Purity with ease
And I will arrive where intentions do plead
Before the mind reigned ominous and supreme

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Way We See It

I want to be a gypsy
my mind calls to me
If I don't submit to its demands
it will pack up and leave
So I let her wonder
and ponder the earth
Hoping she'll uncover
what her life's thoughts are worth
She glides out with hope
to find the courage to see
The world she created
the way her thoughts said it to be
The very first sights
her eyes landed upon
Clouded her imagination
and made her eyes yawn
She propelled herself through
knowing there must be more
But the scene did not change
upon the opening of each door
Thinking her life lost,
hopeless and bound
A thought bubbled up
and reclaimed her to be found
A moment ago
as she wandered past her mind
She realized to see
is not dependent upon what you will find
It's the power of creation
birthed in each thought
Not to be found
and not to be sought
The strength is within
to power the mind
To focus moment to moment
in a world short of sublime
So she wandered back in
with power at hand
Knowing she has control
to create where she will stand

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Can you shine any louder
Than my heart beats down
A masochistic man
In a crooked town
Forward smiles dig so deep
Falling on your head you begin to weep
You deserve much more
Than they followed through
As your pessimistic screams
Shine down on you
Bottle neck
Bottomless pit
There was no exit
Once you consumed it
You’re savvy with your evil ways
Timed to the second
You manipulate the haze
How soon will life
Finish with you
Swallow you hole
After it splits you into
Bottle neck
Bottomless pit
There was no exit
Once you consumed it
I’ve never become
A shadow you’ll see
Because I’m standing on your hopes
And suffocating your dreams

Now you know
Evil is not meant to be dealt

Eaten or swallowed
Seen or felt

I will hug the wishes
Of those that suffered at your hand
I will burn your ashes
So purity can bravely stand


I am in love

When I was young

And you were old

I never did

as I was told

You said I’d never amount
to anything

I laid my thoughts
Out in a maze
To hide my truth
From your cold gaze
You said I’d never amount
to anything
Well anything is everything
I guess I win because you can’t see
That I’m in love with being me
The word ran for me
As I ran from you
It caught me cold
But warmed me through
I knew I was free to be anything
I swallowed it faster
Than I could run
The crow shrieked louder
Than the setting sun
But I still believed in everything
So, I’m not young
And your breath has past
Your words stink loud
But I'm deaf at last
To all you ever said was wrong with me
Because now I am in love with being me

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I survived the first thought
again with the next
It bubbled up softly
and grabbed hold of my neck
I begged for a breath
a reason to breathe
It bubbled up softly
no space for relief
A jagged edge plight
not knowing what to do
You stole hopes of speech
as your words cut right through

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The wind has the answers
   I know this
Yet it is for the questions
   I ask of him
I know why the clouds
   carry my dreams
And how the skies hold
   my hopes
The flowers and trees sing
the truth
I also know
They work as one to answer me 
But how, I ask,
   do I learn to create
The questions for the wind
to deliver to me

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Fall of an Ego

A battle ground does exist
It's location
The center of your dark heart
That calls your soldier of thoughts
To fight against true heroes
You may draw blood and bring men to their knees
But the faith of the people
Is really what you kill
It is the support of them
That gives life to your selfishly beating heart
Your time has come
You have forced them to run cold
They have felt your motives
They will give no more
And you will be forced
To surrender ego

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Shadow Looking for its Person

The sun began to burn my path of where I had been. As my steps drew me farther from the morning, I began to feel lighter. With nothing holding me back, I began to run. Where I was going had no impact on me, I ran because I could.

Soon, I no longer mattered. My thoughts became silent, my worries died off. I was running with the wind even though none had existed. Feeling so disconnected from myself, I turned to take in all that surrounded me. And then, it all poured in and weighted me down. My flight had come to an end. The sight alone, brought me back to my past reality. No less than 100 yards lay my shadow, a dejected piece of human trash.

I knew without it I had felt free, but life being as predictable as it is, part of me felt incomplete. I chill rocked my spine as I saw the head of my shadow lift vertically from the horizontal plane it rested upon. This was no longer an inspiring dream; it was now a tainted nightmare.

I attempted to run as I did moments before, but the fright of my circumstance pulled me down. I no longer glided with ease. I could move, but soon my footsteps ran dry and I could barely keep pace faster than that of his. So I stopped the treadmill of destination nowhere and turned to look to find him frozen in time and space.

How did we lose our connection? Was the shadow, my evidence of existence, letting me know I was losing touch with this world? If I allow him to catch me, will I be forced to live as before? A choice had to be made. I could not sacrifice many more fleeting opportunities.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Leave My Pieces to Me

You are not what I thought
You are not what I think
You are the thought of creation
Inspired by your own means
As I say of you
You may also say of me
I am who I am
Because this is who I think up to be
The battle begins
At the hand of our mind
And how it attempts to solve puzzles
Not of its kind
For all of us are puzzles
To be left unknown
Manipulating other's pieces
Is the work for a drone
Step down from your thoughtless throne
With no other's pieces in hand
Focus on your own kingdom 
While standing tall on your own land! 

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blogger's 10th Birthday

I began blogging so as to share my thoughts for others to read. It is as if someone is listening to me. I do not need advice or comments, I simply live in the hope that my thoughts run parallel with another's if even for a wince of time. I only wish I could perform the trick so that I had more followers, not that I am a leader of any sorts, but just more people that my words could reach out to! So, happy birthday blogger and make a wish for me and you!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm trapped in my stance
With the blue skies closing in
The green grass at my feet
No evidence of where I've been
Trees tempt to bend to bare my fall
As I've been collecting storm clouds daunting and small
I have yet to release the fury inside
Which mounts each moment like a roaring tide
I must acknowledge these hasty raindrops of sorrow
That I have no control of my yet seen tomorrow

And then the dandelion shrieks a cry
As trees release a saving sigh,
"Tomorrow is now in the next moment I sing"
I care nothing about of what tomorrow may bring"

I gasp to say, "But what if tomorrow your song runs dry
And all you have loved has gone and died?"

"Oh silly human with your mind so askew
To live is to love all the melodies, true and blue!"

With this I now know:
To live is to feel all the pain, hope and sorrow
Now I can rest knowing it's possible to love tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We Are to Blame

Never is the promised land
Happy with man's closed hand
Forgiveness it does beg for and quiver
Yet human soul too dry to deliver
The Earth she begs for one quenched breath
What's given back lacks in depth

So with man's mere forge of selfish cries
Mother Earth's hope soon doeth die
She tempts to plead with a hope to sing
The beckon call of nature's ring
Oh how they tried to sing her song
Soon to feel The Curse Gone Wrong

It is man's tainted bellows that frequents the air
And consumes the corpse of this Earth's weathered fare
It did cost much for what is left can't hold
The trepid hearts of the young we've sold
Their future thin for she is worn down
And poor Mother Earth stripped of her crown

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wake Up

Inflating your image
with another man's air
Makes you no more effective
than a blind man's stare
The bystanders will see
through your manipulating grin
Laughing at you as the joke
while you think you made it in
You are not of this group
at the expense of the kind
You'll be alone in the end
with your narcissistic mind
So be it you see
that you brought your self down
Your wit was the noose
and your selfishness their frown

Just Ask

I may not always be here
but forever I am
So many senses ignored
to connect and detect
So, if you choose to find me
ask and in the hidden bends of your mind
I will answer
For if you allow me to stay
If you accept my presence
If you entertain it to be
I will be there
unseen yet forever evident
of my once existence
in your time.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A sounding siren never lies and neither does the truth of a whisper.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

We could all help close the curtain on drama by stop agreeing to be part of the cast!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

No Reason to Hide

I am mourned by the sun
When I hide in my shell
Without me to reflect his brilliance
I am left uninspired, unearthed
Too lonely to dwell
He sends out the wind
To tempt my spirit
Its' whisper is soft
Wake flows in me
As I raise a smile of thought

"I should not hide behind the fear
of the nothings of tomorrow
for the somethings of the day
will then be nothing.  For the sun to be so
brilliant in speech, he needs me to
echo his beauty!"

If there is no brilliance from me
The sun would reflect only
Shadows that I back up to
Or stare down upon

Therefore, I need to shine brighter
Than the sun
So I do not overshadow
Any prospective breath from this Earth
This will allow everything to shine
In its' own time

So for today
I step into my light
And into this brilliance
We call life

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where is Freedom to be Found?

Fear is binding
Yet fear shall not bind me
Peace is the keeper who's only employed position
Is to free those that are bound
Our only limitation
Is our inability to sustain inner peace
We have all tasted it at one point
But to welcome it in
And entertain it through any imposing storm
Is strength
That strength begins at the heart of
Perfect Love for
Ourselves, our situations and all of those
That we share it with
Living this is FREEDOM!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Does my life mean anything to anyone

I may not be everything to everyone nor nothing to no one but at the very least I know I am something to at least someone and that one is me!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Battles of the Mind....STAR TESTING

Pads of silence
Panters of glares
Hoping for retrieval
Gasping for air
Fletching of shields
To guide the light
Swords deface
To shield the fright
Treading softly
Loftily so
Yearning for victory
While enemy in tow
Breathes chill hearts
Awaken the neck
Capture their grimace
On this destructive trek
The foe became friend as the end did near
As the enemy lines woefully veered
No one had thought with test in hand
This fractured mind could conquer the land
Student and test could have become one
If they had entered a truce before the game had begun

Thursday, April 2, 2009

One day, oh it was quite a late one, I saw a turtle strolling down the street with a roll in his step. His neck had a permanent crick for it was so rigid from fearing his past for so long. As days passed, he no longer looked into his past with fear and soon not long after he stopped looking back all together. It hurt so he stopped. He decided to only face what trampled in front of his path and as soon as it passed, so did his memory of it. This freed turtle up so much so that he noticed not much held him back. The weight of his shell seemed to lighten. Friends began to see a change in him. His gate changed from a hobble to more of a glide. Soon, he was so free flowing in his movements through life that he went places he never could have before. He was finally able to flail past the rabbits that have taunted him for so long. But, soon, life seem to be passing by so quickly. Turtle was not seeing or hearing much, just rushing around because he could. Moving so fast made his life a bit shallow and cold, so he chose to slow and glide with the creatures that had evaded him not so long ago. Friendships were made, laughter exchanged and soon turtle found himself free to be anything he wanted, most of all to just be and smile. For living in the now requires one to pace their moments, enjoy them for what they are and let them go so you can wring out the joy of the moment that is yet to come!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Zipper my hem
To keep me free to run
Until you trip me up
With your blue skies
Tough knees
Making me dodge and plead
You are the one folding from the thoughts of speech
I beg to borrow so I can be your air
Let down my hem
So I can dress myself
in who I really am
All I need is the wind to push me into myself
and towards you
So we can fall together
Into our new forever
Her face remains silent
Her thoughts race no faster
than the interval between breaths
Her eyes reflect images
as salient as the warmth of her touch
Her words free of binding
and tip towards that of aridness
Her movements supernaturally spun
in slow amniotic temperateness
Her presence ominous yet takes the form of light
guiding fear out of darkness
Her existence evident with a hush of a push
moving those that inquire towards the better part of themselves

I want her to become me!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

When I am bent
My mind feels the break
But my thoughts misguide me
It is not that I am soon to be split
In two
I just need to release the tension
And bend in the direction
Of this new experience
It is the fight that threatens my connections
As long as my mind softly sits
I will remain whole
And in the end
Fully alive

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Eyes

All that my life is, 
 is what I see that lies in front of me
What I see evokes feelings
How I feel about what I see
 determines my life
Because I can choose how I feel
 about what I see,
 I choose truth
But sometimes how I see and what I see
 is skewed by you and them
I am now a lie to myself
By you telling me what to see,
 how to feel about what I see
 and therefore sometimes this becomes
 more your life or their life rather than mine
So, I choose to remove you and them
 from my life's equation
 and that leaves the truth


Friday, March 13, 2009

How do we change the world we see? How about a game of tag where everyone is "IT"!

Tag, you're it and nowhere on Earth is safe!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Real Richness

Silly little castles
Stop screaming into black
No one needs you now
Even kings have given crowns back
Your kingdom has stretched
To fairy tale heights
While the dragon's burning the common's wealth
And no one can find the timid knights
It was the greed of the people
To have like the king
Silly little people
Your ruler never really had a thing
He owned all of you
And as you scrambled to give
In his fight to have more
He never even lived
There is but one
That ended up with it all
The king's jester kept every smile
The large and the small
For a fool pays for laughter
In hopes his heart will sing
Yet, it is the receiver of the smile
Who is richer than any king

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Absent From You

I am broken and shallow
You won't need to look too deep
I'm a mimic of you
With the same deflating disease
You've modeled it well
I've wanted it too
If it wasn't for how you smiled
As it swallowed you through
I could have stayed to pull you out
And try to keep you intact
But the cause of your fall
Was from you turning your back
You snuffed all the clues
That screamed in your wake
You chose to allude
All the advice for my sake
I feel it now, I can see right through
You did this for me and I'll do this for you
I will give all I have and nail closed the door
When you come looking around
You will find me no more

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Enemy Mind

Stop eating your thoughts
  as if they have flavor
It's the control of your soul
  that your thought's tempt to savor
You unwillingly give in
   as if there was a chance to live free
There was no way to know 
   you gave birth to your enemy
It's parasitic
And you keep consuming those
  thoughts as if you're heroic
Strengths not a given
It takes will to control
To find the cracks of the mind
  that let the thoughts seep in whole
They evade
To persuade 
You to feel 
What you think 
  is actually real

Monday, March 2, 2009


I am lost
But I have found
That when you can't find your way
You look
You feel it all
Life takes on a new life
For when you feel you are found
You stop looking to see
And stop feeling
You become consumed with
What you feel is in your grasp
You're so numb with rambling thoughts
That what you hold becomes cold from
And if you are lucky
You will feel lost
    and you will then
Begin your search to live

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Oh how I wished 
You'd listen
For my ear is bent 
And tired
Please take the role of friend
For my heart aches 
My hands are tired from
Your spirits that weigh
With woes
Mostly placed there
By your misshapen 
I loved and gave
But refused to sink with you
You wanted 
An anchor
You searched them out
You held them tight
Until they pulled on
Laughter and hope
A rarity
No inspiration
No clarity
Did I feel loved 
Not even warm
You only gave
You would receive
I really wanted to share
This life
Yet too often
I lived in yours
I feel it is now time
To clean my days
And finally let you go

Friday, February 20, 2009

I choose to care even when you pretend to.

I choose to forego the norm to reach the heart of others. This somehow confuses the humans my age and they seem to believe that this breeds chaos. When has selfless love brought down a human and caused pain. It may not be written into the procedures of the career that possesses you, but that is what makes this love so meaningful. It breaks no rules for it is pure and childlike. It is actually a level that moves the fortunate to the next higher level of being. For they may be unfortunately lost, yet are blessed to have landed in your palm.

So, whatever your place is in the world, caring for the other, especially when it is not written that you do so, is more important to the being's existence than the control of the chaos it never touched.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


From birth you've been in line
Waiting for them to tell you its time
How to breathe and what to wear
You've lost your momentum and you don't seem to care

It's okay to be plastic and forget how to feel
But the barcode on your neck reminds you that you're real
Their thinglish suppressors of this common place world
They know how easy it is for you to be fooled

I caution you of this mind sucking device
It allows you to be no one, what a spuddly device
They plant the seed of how you look, think and feel
You've been in a trance for so long, you forgot what it's like to be real

All of you generics seem to taste the same
While being free to choose your flavor you're the only one to blame
So shed their layers and unplug their cord
Delete the egosematic trash they had permanently stored

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mind Language

The Man at the door
Asks for more
Of what he can see
Of what I can be
Indentured in time
A place of mine
Wanting a trace
Of time and space
Believing in
Creating in
In-delving in for a frame
Deep in thought
Untie the knot
Release the crease
Smooth of thought

Continue forward
Back in time
This reaching of thought is Mine

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Are You Reflecting?

Why do you choose to look into the mirror
  With a steady gaze?
Are you looking for what is not there
  Or embellishing for what may be?
Why search for some mystic vision?
   For you will capture only what you expect.
The most vivid reflection of self
   Can be found by sealing off the view of lies,
Feeling the reflections of vibrations
   That are given off of the experiences
Which you have tended to 
   From your palette of love.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Only Need Me

  Want what I want
  I want what I have
No longer,
  Smiling at what I have
  My haves don't smile back
  Knowing my wants only need
  To have what I need
And that,
  Is nothing but to give all that I have
  And some of what I need
So, that I am left only

I loved

Oh, how I fell softly
Yet hit so hard
My landing hissed
For the tables were turned
You calculated this
To maneuver your ways
Delivered vague hope
Then banished it away
You slid back
And unraveled your ties
This fall of mine
Is yours
Because I leapt to your arms,
That embraced yourself
A promise you tore
that left nothing 
of me!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Birth of the Consumer

The field of beauty did not ask
For a population of mass
But the selfish greed of the ego
Was built up to take away
All that others were not willing to give
Weeds of seeds planted as thoughts and desires
Took over their own beautiful gardens
Until one day
All that grew in their minds
Was the preoccupation
Of wanting, to want
And buying to buy
Until the real beauty of their reality
Became a malnourished truth
A battle ground between the lost you
and their ravenous monster, 
the consumer
of wants.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Friend Lost

I could not have caught you from your fall
It is a building lesson wrapped up
The weight too much to push
In any other direction
You have directed yourself, again
Yet, your reality of your shadow follows
And when you rest your head
It will fall back onto you
The pressure too heavy to bear the weight
So you fall, again
No more room here for descending
I worry you will only fall flat
And not
Have the resource to lift
Yourself and all the others
That lay flat with you!

Artificial Invention-why I dislike myspace

Trapped in a space
Too small for much.......conception
Age does not play a role
For this artificial......invention
It's a mask of existence
A facial deformity of......deception
Puts you in a trance
It will alter your.....perception
A mascarade, a parade to view
Closing your eyes is the only........prevention
S0, why has fondling a computer
Replaced human......connection

Delete the space that has consumed you whole
Learn to live free and rediscover your role
in this world of.............Artificial Invention

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Eternally Terminal-Almost" just a beginning!

I felt hopeless, hopeless and helpless as I use the tree to keep me from falling into myself.  My mind is entangled with dreams and defeats posing threats to each breath that I try to create for relief.  My eyes bleed a radiating heat of loss.  A pulsating nerve seems to take over all controls of my self as it surges down my left arm.  I am not sure if it is screaming to stay alive or slowly dying from the antics that have left me thoughtless.  A small part of my soul smiles, ironically. It seems that this strange circumstance that had occurred moments before, was a slap to my reality.  It was something to awaken me before my soul is labeled eternally terminal.
I realize that the first thought that is born immediately after a near tragedy will either leave internal life threatening scars on my soul or can be used to lift one.  I fight the urge to think or feel emotion about what has just happened for I know that whatever I register within my mind will permanently mold me.  
My knees lose their strength and my feet fight to stay planted as my back slides down the smooth skin of the eucalyptus tree that has been my crutch.