Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The wind has the answers
   I know this
Yet it is for the questions
   I ask of him
I know why the clouds
   carry my dreams
And how the skies hold
   my hopes
The flowers and trees sing
the truth
I also know
They work as one to answer me 
But how, I ask,
   do I learn to create
The questions for the wind
to deliver to me

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Fall of an Ego

A battle ground does exist
It's location
The center of your dark heart
That calls your soldier of thoughts
To fight against true heroes
You may draw blood and bring men to their knees
But the faith of the people
Is really what you kill
It is the support of them
That gives life to your selfishly beating heart
Your time has come
You have forced them to run cold
They have felt your motives
They will give no more
And you will be forced
To surrender ego

Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Shadow Looking for its Person

The sun began to burn my path of where I had been. As my steps drew me farther from the morning, I began to feel lighter. With nothing holding me back, I began to run. Where I was going had no impact on me, I ran because I could.

Soon, I no longer mattered. My thoughts became silent, my worries died off. I was running with the wind even though none had existed. Feeling so disconnected from myself, I turned to take in all that surrounded me. And then, it all poured in and weighted me down. My flight had come to an end. The sight alone, brought me back to my past reality. No less than 100 yards lay my shadow, a dejected piece of human trash.

I knew without it I had felt free, but life being as predictable as it is, part of me felt incomplete. I chill rocked my spine as I saw the head of my shadow lift vertically from the horizontal plane it rested upon. This was no longer an inspiring dream; it was now a tainted nightmare.

I attempted to run as I did moments before, but the fright of my circumstance pulled me down. I no longer glided with ease. I could move, but soon my footsteps ran dry and I could barely keep pace faster than that of his. So I stopped the treadmill of destination nowhere and turned to look to find him frozen in time and space.

How did we lose our connection? Was the shadow, my evidence of existence, letting me know I was losing touch with this world? If I allow him to catch me, will I be forced to live as before? A choice had to be made. I could not sacrifice many more fleeting opportunities.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Leave My Pieces to Me

You are not what I thought
You are not what I think
You are the thought of creation
Inspired by your own means
As I say of you
You may also say of me
I am who I am
Because this is who I think up to be
The battle begins
At the hand of our mind
And how it attempts to solve puzzles
Not of its kind
For all of us are puzzles
To be left unknown
Manipulating other's pieces
Is the work for a drone
Step down from your thoughtless throne
With no other's pieces in hand
Focus on your own kingdom 
While standing tall on your own land! 

Thursday, July 2, 2009