Sunday, December 6, 2009


My opinions aren't that bitter
A son said to his dad.
Patience applied over your conclusions
Will make it sweeter as to where I stand
But you sneek in the quick sand
And revel in my decline
The moment I was conceived
Is when your forethought cemented in mind
So, It seems it has always been
Of those with less worry for wear
Could not possibly have a breath
Worthy of your ear to bear
I say these last few words
As I clentch a hope in mind
That part of what I speak
Will find its way to you in time
"The make up of who you are not
Is pulled by who you are to be
And with a bit of momentum
Your acceptance may finally see
I am who I am
I am who I think up to be
Every part of who I am
Changes with the hate you push in me
So as the day now closes
And the night relinquishes too
I will no longer be drawn down
By the dissappointments projected from you"