Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Beggar

As it so often does happen
         The day forced its way
Onto the beggar
         Enriching his pay
He asked not of the sun
         How much he may keep
Yet he threatened its life
         As it retreated to leave:
“How dare you tempt us
With the beauty of light
Then forgo us this privilege
As you relinquish to night”
The sun continued its smile
         Onto the face of his shame
Knowing that not man
         But ignorance is to blame
The sun drenched Earth
         With its much needed rest
Bowed to the sun
         For doing its best
The beggar, the fool,
         Screamed out at its withdrawal
Claiming the sun a coward
         As it welcomed its own fall

As day said good night
         The sun added a plea:
“Make peace with the night
         For clarity to ring”
The sun knows that darkness
         Saves man by binding his will
Of living through a gilded sense        
         Of a visional thrill
The beggar so deaf
         And orally blind
Heard nothing of the sun
         As night took hold of his mind
Soon the earth began its rest
         The wind took its own lead
And began to fill the night’s silence
         With healing whispers of need
Birds calm in nests
         Trusting trees to hold them tight
Butterflies wings rest
         In the stillness of night
The grass of the earth
         Swayed to the beat
Emanating renewal
         Beneath the beggars abandoned feet
The wind encircled his thoughts
         And carried them free
Allowing the beggar
         To feel without need
His body let go
         On the hold within itself
His senses flew beyond
         His skeptical shelf
As silence drenched
         His once polluted mind
He began to feel with purity
         For the very first time

So the beggar has learned
         Or noted at best
The mind should be given
         A much needed rest
For although light spills its beauty
         It can also flood the mind
With polluted perceptions
         Of an ignorant mind        
He vowed to walk in light
         Closing his windows of deceit
And reclaim his adventure
         Befriending his once neglected feet
He began to walk the Earth
         Never asking for more
Using his mind less
         And never again feeling poor



  1. Wow I swear this is your best one!! :D Awesome!!


  2. Thanks! I really hope you are still writing my unicorn friend!