Thursday, April 2, 2009

One day, oh it was quite a late one, I saw a turtle strolling down the street with a roll in his step. His neck had a permanent crick for it was so rigid from fearing his past for so long. As days passed, he no longer looked into his past with fear and soon not long after he stopped looking back all together. It hurt so he stopped. He decided to only face what trampled in front of his path and as soon as it passed, so did his memory of it. This freed turtle up so much so that he noticed not much held him back. The weight of his shell seemed to lighten. Friends began to see a change in him. His gate changed from a hobble to more of a glide. Soon, he was so free flowing in his movements through life that he went places he never could have before. He was finally able to flail past the rabbits that have taunted him for so long. But, soon, life seem to be passing by so quickly. Turtle was not seeing or hearing much, just rushing around because he could. Moving so fast made his life a bit shallow and cold, so he chose to slow and glide with the creatures that had evaded him not so long ago. Friendships were made, laughter exchanged and soon turtle found himself free to be anything he wanted, most of all to just be and smile. For living in the now requires one to pace their moments, enjoy them for what they are and let them go so you can wring out the joy of the moment that is yet to come!

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