Thursday, April 23, 2009

Does my life mean anything to anyone

I may not be everything to everyone nor nothing to no one but at the very least I know I am something to at least someone and that one is me!


  1. This is really touching, Mrs. McGuire!
    But you mean a lot to me:)
    Always will!.

  2. Ya! You mean alot to me too!:p I like this one

  3. mrs.mcguire?
    im sorry you feel like you dont have any one who cares about you.

    you are like my best will always mean something to me. and you will always have a purpose in life!

    never change!
    aka:PEBBLES haha!

  4. wow, thats how i feel

  5. If we feel lost and used all the time and lonely even with people and we're quiet and don't stand out but is really different do we really matter if no one notices you?