Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Way We See It

I want to be a gypsy
my mind calls to me
If I don't submit to its demands
it will pack up and leave
So I let her wonder
and ponder the earth
Hoping she'll uncover
what her life's thoughts are worth
She glides out with hope
to find the courage to see
The world she created
the way her thoughts said it to be
The very first sights
her eyes landed upon
Clouded her imagination
and made her eyes yawn
She propelled herself through
knowing there must be more
But the scene did not change
upon the opening of each door
Thinking her life lost,
hopeless and bound
A thought bubbled up
and reclaimed her to be found
A moment ago
as she wandered past her mind
She realized to see
is not dependent upon what you will find
It's the power of creation
birthed in each thought
Not to be found
and not to be sought
The strength is within
to power the mind
To focus moment to moment
in a world short of sublime
So she wandered back in
with power at hand
Knowing she has control
to create where she will stand

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