Sunday, June 21, 2009

Blogger's 10th Birthday

I began blogging so as to share my thoughts for others to read. It is as if someone is listening to me. I do not need advice or comments, I simply live in the hope that my thoughts run parallel with another's if even for a wince of time. I only wish I could perform the trick so that I had more followers, not that I am a leader of any sorts, but just more people that my words could reach out to! So, happy birthday blogger and make a wish for me and you!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I'm trapped in my stance
With the blue skies closing in
The green grass at my feet
No evidence of where I've been
Trees tempt to bend to bare my fall
As I've been collecting storm clouds daunting and small
I have yet to release the fury inside
Which mounts each moment like a roaring tide
I must acknowledge these hasty raindrops of sorrow
That I have no control of my yet seen tomorrow

And then the dandelion shrieks a cry
As trees release a saving sigh,
"Tomorrow is now in the next moment I sing"
I care nothing about of what tomorrow may bring"

I gasp to say, "But what if tomorrow your song runs dry
And all you have loved has gone and died?"

"Oh silly human with your mind so askew
To live is to love all the melodies, true and blue!"

With this I now know:
To live is to feel all the pain, hope and sorrow
Now I can rest knowing it's possible to love tomorrow!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We Are to Blame

Never is the promised land
Happy with man's closed hand
Forgiveness it does beg for and quiver
Yet human soul too dry to deliver
The Earth she begs for one quenched breath
What's given back lacks in depth

So with man's mere forge of selfish cries
Mother Earth's hope soon doeth die
She tempts to plead with a hope to sing
The beckon call of nature's ring
Oh how they tried to sing her song
Soon to feel The Curse Gone Wrong

It is man's tainted bellows that frequents the air
And consumes the corpse of this Earth's weathered fare
It did cost much for what is left can't hold
The trepid hearts of the young we've sold
Their future thin for she is worn down
And poor Mother Earth stripped of her crown

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wake Up

Inflating your image
with another man's air
Makes you no more effective
than a blind man's stare
The bystanders will see
through your manipulating grin
Laughing at you as the joke
while you think you made it in
You are not of this group
at the expense of the kind
You'll be alone in the end
with your narcissistic mind
So be it you see
that you brought your self down
Your wit was the noose
and your selfishness their frown

Just Ask

I may not always be here
but forever I am
So many senses ignored
to connect and detect
So, if you choose to find me
ask and in the hidden bends of your mind
I will answer
For if you allow me to stay
If you accept my presence
If you entertain it to be
I will be there
unseen yet forever evident
of my once existence
in your time.