Sunday, March 29, 2009

Zipper my hem
To keep me free to run
Until you trip me up
With your blue skies
Tough knees
Making me dodge and plead
You are the one folding from the thoughts of speech
I beg to borrow so I can be your air
Let down my hem
So I can dress myself
in who I really am
All I need is the wind to push me into myself
and towards you
So we can fall together
Into our new forever
Her face remains silent
Her thoughts race no faster
than the interval between breaths
Her eyes reflect images
as salient as the warmth of her touch
Her words free of binding
and tip towards that of aridness
Her movements supernaturally spun
in slow amniotic temperateness
Her presence ominous yet takes the form of light
guiding fear out of darkness
Her existence evident with a hush of a push
moving those that inquire towards the better part of themselves

I want her to become me!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

When I am bent
My mind feels the break
But my thoughts misguide me
It is not that I am soon to be split
In two
I just need to release the tension
And bend in the direction
Of this new experience
It is the fight that threatens my connections
As long as my mind softly sits
I will remain whole
And in the end
Fully alive

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Eyes

All that my life is, 
 is what I see that lies in front of me
What I see evokes feelings
How I feel about what I see
 determines my life
Because I can choose how I feel
 about what I see,
 I choose truth
But sometimes how I see and what I see
 is skewed by you and them
I am now a lie to myself
By you telling me what to see,
 how to feel about what I see
 and therefore sometimes this becomes
 more your life or their life rather than mine
So, I choose to remove you and them
 from my life's equation
 and that leaves the truth


Friday, March 13, 2009

How do we change the world we see? How about a game of tag where everyone is "IT"!

Tag, you're it and nowhere on Earth is safe!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Real Richness

Silly little castles
Stop screaming into black
No one needs you now
Even kings have given crowns back
Your kingdom has stretched
To fairy tale heights
While the dragon's burning the common's wealth
And no one can find the timid knights
It was the greed of the people
To have like the king
Silly little people
Your ruler never really had a thing
He owned all of you
And as you scrambled to give
In his fight to have more
He never even lived
There is but one
That ended up with it all
The king's jester kept every smile
The large and the small
For a fool pays for laughter
In hopes his heart will sing
Yet, it is the receiver of the smile
Who is richer than any king

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Absent From You

I am broken and shallow
You won't need to look too deep
I'm a mimic of you
With the same deflating disease
You've modeled it well
I've wanted it too
If it wasn't for how you smiled
As it swallowed you through
I could have stayed to pull you out
And try to keep you intact
But the cause of your fall
Was from you turning your back
You snuffed all the clues
That screamed in your wake
You chose to allude
All the advice for my sake
I feel it now, I can see right through
You did this for me and I'll do this for you
I will give all I have and nail closed the door
When you come looking around
You will find me no more

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Enemy Mind

Stop eating your thoughts
  as if they have flavor
It's the control of your soul
  that your thought's tempt to savor
You unwillingly give in
   as if there was a chance to live free
There was no way to know 
   you gave birth to your enemy
It's parasitic
And you keep consuming those
  thoughts as if you're heroic
Strengths not a given
It takes will to control
To find the cracks of the mind
  that let the thoughts seep in whole
They evade
To persuade 
You to feel 
What you think 
  is actually real

Monday, March 2, 2009


I am lost
But I have found
That when you can't find your way
You look
You feel it all
Life takes on a new life
For when you feel you are found
You stop looking to see
And stop feeling
You become consumed with
What you feel is in your grasp
You're so numb with rambling thoughts
That what you hold becomes cold from
And if you are lucky
You will feel lost
    and you will then
Begin your search to live

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Oh how I wished 
You'd listen
For my ear is bent 
And tired
Please take the role of friend
For my heart aches 
My hands are tired from
Your spirits that weigh
With woes
Mostly placed there
By your misshapen 
I loved and gave
But refused to sink with you
You wanted 
An anchor
You searched them out
You held them tight
Until they pulled on
Laughter and hope
A rarity
No inspiration
No clarity
Did I feel loved 
Not even warm
You only gave
You would receive
I really wanted to share
This life
Yet too often
I lived in yours
I feel it is now time
To clean my days
And finally let you go