Friday, February 20, 2009

I choose to care even when you pretend to.

I choose to forego the norm to reach the heart of others. This somehow confuses the humans my age and they seem to believe that this breeds chaos. When has selfless love brought down a human and caused pain. It may not be written into the procedures of the career that possesses you, but that is what makes this love so meaningful. It breaks no rules for it is pure and childlike. It is actually a level that moves the fortunate to the next higher level of being. For they may be unfortunately lost, yet are blessed to have landed in your palm.

So, whatever your place is in the world, caring for the other, especially when it is not written that you do so, is more important to the being's existence than the control of the chaos it never touched.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


From birth you've been in line
Waiting for them to tell you its time
How to breathe and what to wear
You've lost your momentum and you don't seem to care

It's okay to be plastic and forget how to feel
But the barcode on your neck reminds you that you're real
Their thinglish suppressors of this common place world
They know how easy it is for you to be fooled

I caution you of this mind sucking device
It allows you to be no one, what a spuddly device
They plant the seed of how you look, think and feel
You've been in a trance for so long, you forgot what it's like to be real

All of you generics seem to taste the same
While being free to choose your flavor you're the only one to blame
So shed their layers and unplug their cord
Delete the egosematic trash they had permanently stored

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mind Language

The Man at the door
Asks for more
Of what he can see
Of what I can be
Indentured in time
A place of mine
Wanting a trace
Of time and space
Believing in
Creating in
In-delving in for a frame
Deep in thought
Untie the knot
Release the crease
Smooth of thought

Continue forward
Back in time
This reaching of thought is Mine

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What Are You Reflecting?

Why do you choose to look into the mirror
  With a steady gaze?
Are you looking for what is not there
  Or embellishing for what may be?
Why search for some mystic vision?
   For you will capture only what you expect.
The most vivid reflection of self
   Can be found by sealing off the view of lies,
Feeling the reflections of vibrations
   That are given off of the experiences
Which you have tended to 
   From your palette of love.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Only Need Me

  Want what I want
  I want what I have
No longer,
  Smiling at what I have
  My haves don't smile back
  Knowing my wants only need
  To have what I need
And that,
  Is nothing but to give all that I have
  And some of what I need
So, that I am left only

I loved

Oh, how I fell softly
Yet hit so hard
My landing hissed
For the tables were turned
You calculated this
To maneuver your ways
Delivered vague hope
Then banished it away
You slid back
And unraveled your ties
This fall of mine
Is yours
Because I leapt to your arms,
That embraced yourself
A promise you tore
that left nothing 
of me!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Birth of the Consumer

The field of beauty did not ask
For a population of mass
But the selfish greed of the ego
Was built up to take away
All that others were not willing to give
Weeds of seeds planted as thoughts and desires
Took over their own beautiful gardens
Until one day
All that grew in their minds
Was the preoccupation
Of wanting, to want
And buying to buy
Until the real beauty of their reality
Became a malnourished truth
A battle ground between the lost you
and their ravenous monster, 
the consumer
of wants.