Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Friend Lost

I could not have caught you from your fall
It is a building lesson wrapped up
The weight too much to push
In any other direction
You have directed yourself, again
Yet, your reality of your shadow follows
And when you rest your head
It will fall back onto you
The pressure too heavy to bear the weight
So you fall, again
No more room here for descending
I worry you will only fall flat
And not
Have the resource to lift
Yourself and all the others
That lay flat with you!

Artificial Invention-why I dislike myspace

Trapped in a space
Too small for much.......conception
Age does not play a role
For this artificial......invention
It's a mask of existence
A facial deformity of......deception
Puts you in a trance
It will alter your.....perception
A mascarade, a parade to view
Closing your eyes is the only........prevention
S0, why has fondling a computer
Replaced human......connection

Delete the space that has consumed you whole
Learn to live free and rediscover your role
in this world of.............Artificial Invention

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

"Eternally Terminal-Almost" just a beginning!

I felt hopeless, hopeless and helpless as I use the tree to keep me from falling into myself.  My mind is entangled with dreams and defeats posing threats to each breath that I try to create for relief.  My eyes bleed a radiating heat of loss.  A pulsating nerve seems to take over all controls of my self as it surges down my left arm.  I am not sure if it is screaming to stay alive or slowly dying from the antics that have left me thoughtless.  A small part of my soul smiles, ironically. It seems that this strange circumstance that had occurred moments before, was a slap to my reality.  It was something to awaken me before my soul is labeled eternally terminal.
I realize that the first thought that is born immediately after a near tragedy will either leave internal life threatening scars on my soul or can be used to lift one.  I fight the urge to think or feel emotion about what has just happened for I know that whatever I register within my mind will permanently mold me.  
My knees lose their strength and my feet fight to stay planted as my back slides down the smooth skin of the eucalyptus tree that has been my crutch.