Wednesday, February 18, 2009


From birth you've been in line
Waiting for them to tell you its time
How to breathe and what to wear
You've lost your momentum and you don't seem to care

It's okay to be plastic and forget how to feel
But the barcode on your neck reminds you that you're real
Their thinglish suppressors of this common place world
They know how easy it is for you to be fooled

I caution you of this mind sucking device
It allows you to be no one, what a spuddly device
They plant the seed of how you look, think and feel
You've been in a trance for so long, you forgot what it's like to be real

All of you generics seem to taste the same
While being free to choose your flavor you're the only one to blame
So shed their layers and unplug their cord
Delete the egosematic trash they had permanently stored

1 comment:

  1. owwwwww..
    that gave me the chills lol!
    but in a god way!!!=}