Monday, August 31, 2009

Under and Over

Is overstated
If I am below someone
They are overshadowing me
I begin to underestimate
My ability to oversee
Their understatements
But if I undertake
This task
With the objective
Of an overview
I may see
That they are
And Therefore I now

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Lightly Pressed

A muddled walk
From tainted talk
My head is controlling my step
Body knows
How mind slows
The reluctant reach of the heart
All that is seen
Is nothing that has been
When mind steps to the front of each attempt
Bind the fury
Dismiss the jury
Release the body’s intention to lead
Flow in step
With mind inept
Movement will besiege
Purity with ease
And I will arrive where intentions do plead
Before the mind reigned ominous and supreme

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Way We See It

I want to be a gypsy
my mind calls to me
If I don't submit to its demands
it will pack up and leave
So I let her wonder
and ponder the earth
Hoping she'll uncover
what her life's thoughts are worth
She glides out with hope
to find the courage to see
The world she created
the way her thoughts said it to be
The very first sights
her eyes landed upon
Clouded her imagination
and made her eyes yawn
She propelled herself through
knowing there must be more
But the scene did not change
upon the opening of each door
Thinking her life lost,
hopeless and bound
A thought bubbled up
and reclaimed her to be found
A moment ago
as she wandered past her mind
She realized to see
is not dependent upon what you will find
It's the power of creation
birthed in each thought
Not to be found
and not to be sought
The strength is within
to power the mind
To focus moment to moment
in a world short of sublime
So she wandered back in
with power at hand
Knowing she has control
to create where she will stand

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Can you shine any louder
Than my heart beats down
A masochistic man
In a crooked town
Forward smiles dig so deep
Falling on your head you begin to weep
You deserve much more
Than they followed through
As your pessimistic screams
Shine down on you
Bottle neck
Bottomless pit
There was no exit
Once you consumed it
You’re savvy with your evil ways
Timed to the second
You manipulate the haze
How soon will life
Finish with you
Swallow you hole
After it splits you into
Bottle neck
Bottomless pit
There was no exit
Once you consumed it
I’ve never become
A shadow you’ll see
Because I’m standing on your hopes
And suffocating your dreams

Now you know
Evil is not meant to be dealt

Eaten or swallowed
Seen or felt

I will hug the wishes
Of those that suffered at your hand
I will burn your ashes
So purity can bravely stand


I am in love

When I was young

And you were old

I never did

as I was told

You said I’d never amount
to anything

I laid my thoughts
Out in a maze
To hide my truth
From your cold gaze
You said I’d never amount
to anything
Well anything is everything
I guess I win because you can’t see
That I’m in love with being me
The word ran for me
As I ran from you
It caught me cold
But warmed me through
I knew I was free to be anything
I swallowed it faster
Than I could run
The crow shrieked louder
Than the setting sun
But I still believed in everything
So, I’m not young
And your breath has past
Your words stink loud
But I'm deaf at last
To all you ever said was wrong with me
Because now I am in love with being me

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I survived the first thought
again with the next
It bubbled up softly
and grabbed hold of my neck
I begged for a breath
a reason to breathe
It bubbled up softly
no space for relief
A jagged edge plight
not knowing what to do
You stole hopes of speech
as your words cut right through