Wednesday, June 17, 2009

We Are to Blame

Never is the promised land
Happy with man's closed hand
Forgiveness it does beg for and quiver
Yet human soul too dry to deliver
The Earth she begs for one quenched breath
What's given back lacks in depth

So with man's mere forge of selfish cries
Mother Earth's hope soon doeth die
She tempts to plead with a hope to sing
The beckon call of nature's ring
Oh how they tried to sing her song
Soon to feel The Curse Gone Wrong

It is man's tainted bellows that frequents the air
And consumes the corpse of this Earth's weathered fare
It did cost much for what is left can't hold
The trepid hearts of the young we've sold
Their future thin for she is worn down
And poor Mother Earth stripped of her crown

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