Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am buried in the cemetery of the living
Watching mournfully
As I lose out waiting
Waiting for a cause
To match these effects
I am dying in the
Cemetery of the living

He walks by with
A cold breath at his side
The flower has died
Wondering where I lie

Its hard for a heart to beat
When your surrounded by graves
Graves holding the living

That little girl passed
The one I once was and
She kicked the dirt of my grave
And smiled
Told me I had a choice
To rise and play
Or remain the same
Dying in the cemetery
Of the living

Coincidence stood by
Forcefully shedding a tear
But Shrugged his shoulders
He had shown up, pointing the way,
So many times

But I forgot how to listen
Slowly I sank into my grave
Where I am now living

Living so still in this shallow shell of mine
My soul rose up
Bored of my demise
And decided to join the life of the living
I am here empty where most
Lifeless souls do die
But I beg

Pull me up
Push me out
Into the world of the living
Because I would rather die living

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Life Lived Terminally

Being love
Is Destroyed by allowance
Which begins with the struggle
As it is kept closed
In secret
Deceived and cold
When released
Reborn into battle
Now open
Yet bound by spite
Enters masked
Expected to avenge ghosts
Too weak
Weak from excessive
To its end
Lost Now
Led here by neglect
To the valley
Lost Love