Saturday, June 26, 2010

Can't let Go

I can't let go,
To this place,
That's as close as home,

I can't let go,
Of the love I've made,
To the strange emptiness,

I can't let go,
Of lessons learned,
To a seemingly clean slate,

I can't let go,
Of laughter held in every spot,
To a closed stern line,

I let go,
To be swept into the unknown,
But my heart,
Is still firmly held,
Onto the memories....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'd kiss the sky blue
In hopes that you'd love me
Yet hope is not strong
To a man with no song
     So you leave me

And I wonder why I love
In a place so far gone
Where the shadows in the streets
     Fail to greet me

All I can do is travel within
Past where I've sinned
To stand on fair ground
This is where we meet
     and still you deceive me

I will never bow out
From loves inner fight
My hand remains open
My heart not yet closed
Here I wait
     In hopes you will look for me