Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just You

I ride up and down
In these moments
These tracks built
By someone else
My past engineered them
Everyone invited
Has laid a little more

Sunset skies can't save me
Your light words won't help
Just hug me now
Kiss my cheek
Save me from my ride

Its helped that you are here
Even though I push you away
I don't enjoy the shove
The quiet silence
Of our thoughts or of our minds

I don't want silence so I can think
I want it so I will stop
Because in my silence
The ride loses momentum
So I can stand with you
With no floods of emotion
Just dry air

I will beg for the winds to blow
To take with it
All that takes me away from you


Today is a new day
The sun convinced me to say
Today will be a long day
My madness reminded me of today
But with you
I will not fear
To ride this day alone

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