Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Does the soul know of age
Does it beg to rest its head
Does it ache for flight 
From the stillness of my bed
Can it breathe in such confinement
Under the pressure of my will
Does it have the patience of thought
To know it can not rise until
It has taught me all it knows
Forced me to see all that is
Awakened me from the stillness of life
Showed me this is not mine nor either is it his
It has been brought to heart
As it ran through my mind
This life is not mine nor yours
It belongs to mother time

All that she has asked
Is for us to teach a few
And that living a selfless life
Will keep you from consuming you


  1. Aaaww wow that's amazing! A soul is selfless but repressed by human stubborness. :)

  2. I knew you were a parallel smart like me!