Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am buried in the cemetery of the living
Watching mournfully
As I lose out waiting
Waiting for a cause
To match these effects
I am dying in the
Cemetery of the living

He walks by with
A cold breath at his side
The flower has died
Wondering where I lie

Its hard for a heart to beat
When your surrounded by graves
Graves holding the living

That little girl passed
The one I once was and
She kicked the dirt of my grave
And smiled
Told me I had a choice
To rise and play
Or remain the same
Dying in the cemetery
Of the living

Coincidence stood by
Forcefully shedding a tear
But Shrugged his shoulders
He had shown up, pointing the way,
So many times

But I forgot how to listen
Slowly I sank into my grave
Where I am now living

Living so still in this shallow shell of mine
My soul rose up
Bored of my demise
And decided to join the life of the living
I am here empty where most
Lifeless souls do die
But I beg

Pull me up
Push me out
Into the world of the living
Because I would rather die living

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